Innovative Solution for Regional Waste Management Utilities (RWMU)

This project is intended to develop a new and innovative IT tool that may contribute to empower Regional Waste Management Utilities (RWMU) in their dual role of designers and managers of decentralized and customized solutions and as promoters of new citizen behavior in terms of waste generation and handling.


Currently most available software applications to support waste management practitioners, are focused in route optimization for waste collection, as discussed, for example in PAT Research, which presents an analysis of key waste management software.


The new IT product to be developed, “Bee2WasteCrypto”, will be implemented and commercialized by FUTURE COMPTA, a leading IT company in waste management, and will provide totally new dimensions to the current urban waste management software available at an international level.


It will contribute to the following partial objectives:


● Provide the RWMUs with the capacity to design the best set of technologies to be used in the context of their operation, namely in terms of the quality and quantity of waste generated and also of the materials to be produced from waste processing, under environmental and economic criteria;


● Develop an IT system to facilitate Pay As You Throw (PAYT) schemes, together with the use of blockchain technologies to produce credible information that might allow to establish “recycling rate credits” based on the performance of each RWMU in relation to national recycling rate targets for each material stream (an analogue of carbon credits in the energy sector) and the subsequent purchase of credits from low to high performers making use of “recycling rate credits”;


● Create a “Token”, eventually based on a cryptocurrency, intended to make use of Blockchain technologies that remunerate individual sustainable behavior in returning waste for recycling or reuse, as well as to promote pay as you throw solutions.


In short, the Bee2WasteCrypto Consortium will focus on data science to deliver the best combination of technologies that maximizes value and contributes to a sustainable waste management strategy at a local level with a global scope, and this will significantly contribute to the export potential of FUTURE COMPTA IT solutions and its international leadership.


Innovative Solution for Regional Waste Management Utilities (RWMU)

Discover how to promote more sustainable waste production and separation behaviors.