Innovative Solution for Regional Waste Management Utilities (RWMU)

Model for waste production behavior analysis and prediction

Tailor-made conceptual model for understanding and predict how the proposed new waste management schemas through incentives are adopted and used by citizens, to prevent rebound effects after a new waste management schema is implemented.


Comprehensive and detailed waste management database

WASTEdb will be a comprehensive and detailed database of waste anagement technologies (including small-scale tech) and waste haracteristics that will be used in the optimization model to return the ‘best waste management system’. This advancement also comprehend a material flow visualization tool.


Waste management solution, based on an optimization model

Comprehensive waste management solution, based on an optimization model, that takes the full value chain into consideration, combining, at a local level, the set of waste processing technologies that can maximize outputs from waste recovery, given some restraints. This will take into account data on waste generation, collection, logistics, processing technologies and goods produced out of the waste, while considering legal, environmental and economic constraints.


Blockchain Rewarding System

Tool to support a PAYT system intended to encourage citizens to recycle and make an optimized management of the waste they produce, using blockchain, cryptocurrency tokens, and gamification methods. This tool will also allow the creation of a recycling credit market, akin to the carbon emission licensing market, including citizens and utilities as agents.


Innovative Solution for Regional Waste Management Utilities (RWMU)

Discover how to promote more sustainable waste production and separation behaviors.